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The 3 Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Wells Fargo Student Card | wells fargo student card

When you are applying for a new credit card, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not it is a Wells Fargo student card. This is one of the cards offered by Wells Fargo that can be useful to college students. The benefits that this card offer includes cash back, balance transfer fees and rewards for purchases made with your card. This card is great because of all the perks, but it does have some negative aspects as well. Learn what those are to make sure you choose the right card for you.

If you are a college student, you may find that a Wells Fargo student credit card has an annual fee. This annual fee is not usually that much and you can often get it waived if you maintain good standing with the bank for a certain amount of time. You need to read the terms and conditions for this to make sure you know what you will be charged.

A major perk on these cards for college students is the cash back and balance transfer rewards. Most of the cash back reward programs are based on the percentage of your total credit card debt you carry. Some of the best rewards come from the gas stations, grocery stores and drugstores, while others include travel points and air miles.

Balance transfers are also a great benefit on these cards. The best credit card for students is the Wells Fargo student card cash back program. This can be one of the most helpful rewards programs available. However, you have to make sure you pay off your balance regularly. This can be a point in favor of this particular card as you save money in the process.

You should also focus on your credit history. There are a few lenders that do not base their loans on credit history. These kinds of lenders do not care how bad your credit score is. They just want to get the money from you. Thus, you should apply with those lenders that do not care about your credit history as much as the cash back programs they offer.

Another perk of the Wells Fargo student card cash back program is that it offers low interest rates. No other lender can give you this kind of low rate. They simply charge high interest because they know you cannot possibly pay off your debt in full. Thus, they charge you a little bit more each month over the long run. You should compare a couple of lenders to see which one of them gives you the best deal.

While it may be true that there are many credit cards out there that cater to students with low credit scores, you should know that some of these credit cards actually hurt your credit score more than help it. There are some credit cards out there that will report your spending to every single creditor you owe money to and then will keep a record of it in your file. Some creditors even use these kinds of credit cards for their own personal gain.

If you are seriously considering getting a Wells Fargo student credit card, make sure you look into the fees and charges first. Aside from the interest rate, you should also look into annual fee and the annual percentage rate (APR). A Wells Fargo Chase student card may be the best credit card you can get if you do not have a lot of credit history to back you up. But be sure to go into it knowing exactly what it entails. Go into it with your eyes open and with knowledge of everything that comes with it.

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