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Ten Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Amex Blue Business Plus | amex blue business plus

The Amex Blue Business Plus credit card is perfect for small to medium sized business owners who need a card with an easy to manage point-earning structure so that they can set all of their organization expenses on through the year. The card is ideal for business owners who wish to receive benefits such as purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, and travel insurance, all without having to pay a yearly fee. It allows business managers to maximize the cash flow from the card while not incurring additional fees that would otherwise be required. These benefits allow the business owner to pay for the items that are used regularly and also pay down the balance on the business loan at the same time.

There are a few differences between the regular Amex cards and the Amex Blue Business Plus credit limit. Like most other cards, the Blue Plus allows you to choose from a three, five, or seven-day grace period when it comes to paying off your balance after using the credit limit. However, this grace period is only offered on purchases and transactions of $1000 or more.

The regular Amex card allows up to three statement credits each year for an unlimited amount of spending. You will need to apply for these statements at any participating bank. This means that the regular card can only be used for making purchases and will not provide you with any statement credits for amounts less than this amount. This feature is only available on the regular Amex cards and not on the Blue Plus or the Business Gold Plus cards.

Many people find that they use their credit cards too much and thus, do not have any savings account balance to use for additional spending. The Blue Plus allows you to earn 2x membership rewards points for every dollar you charge to your account. This can be useful as you can save money this way, but you also have the opportunity to earn more points. You do not have to pay any annual fee for this offer. Therefore, you have additional ways to earn rewards.

The regular Amex card does not offer any membership rewards points per purchase you make. The Blue Plus does offer a special introductory offer called the Blue Plus Card for its members. You can receive a special rate on some of your purchases. As you prove yourself by making your payments on time each month, you will automatically earn two membership rewards points per dollar you charge to your account. You can earn up to two percent cash back on the purchases you make.

The two percent cash back you get to earn per calendar year is worth about fifteen dollars. To take advantage of the special rate on your purchases, you will need to make at least five payments of a total amount of at least five dollars each month. Also, as you prove yourself with your payments on time, you will automatically earn one percent back from the foreign transaction fees you avoid.

The Rewards Cards For The Premiums On The Blue Plus Cards Offers Are Good: One of the best benefits of these cards is the Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card. You can benefit by having an account that earns two points every calendar year on any purchases you make. The other benefits include unlimited purchases at a reduced rate, no annual fee, unlimited rewards points, no annual percentage rate charges, no membership fees, and no late payment fees.

The Blue Plus Offers Good Rewards: One of the benefits of having an Amex Blue Business Plus Card is the ability to earn unlimited reward points every calendar year. These rewards are earned by having a balance transfer, department store purchases, and purchases at gas stations. In addition to reward points, you also earn the double point incentive from paying bills in full each month. This gives you double the amount of reward points. The interest rates are low compared to many other cards. This makes the Blue Plus a good choice for people who like to save a little extra per month on their personal credit card payments each month.

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