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Ten Reliable Sources To Learn About Mastercard Travel Benefits | mastercard travel benefits

To take full advantage of any World Debit MasterCard Travel Benefits described here, you should book through Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the exclusive international travel operator for MasterCard Travel Services. Once you have booked your trip, you can enjoy complimentary tickets to the concert of your choice at the same time enjoying a round of drinks from their bar. You will also be treated to a live magician during the evening. At the conclusion of the concert, Carlson Wagonlit will give you an exciting commemorative gift box.

The benefits provided by this exclusive global travel service provider are so varied that it may well prove a worthwhile investment. Among the various benefits that Carlson provides its customers is World Debit Protection, Trip Cancellation Without Notice, Low-Cost Booking, Personalized Travel Insurance, Same Day Delivery and Door-to-door pickup. If you are traveling on business or pleasure, there is no reason you should not use a service like this one. This is also known as'Carlson Travel Rewards '

World Debit Protection is among the most valuable rewards offered by Carlson. It gives cardholders a two in one benefit: the first is twenty percent cash back on purchases made using the card and the second is free travel insurance for selected destinations. These two perks are among the most valued compliments that a cardholder can receive.

Trip Cancellation Without Notice is another of the most valuable travel benefits that Carlson offers. Cardholders do not need to worry about canceling their trips once they realize how much money they have spent because they will get another chance at a refund. This perk is only available to cardholders of Carlson Wealth Collection Platinum Card. Cardholders of the Mastercard platinum card and the Costco Premier Card can take advantage of this opportunity.

Private Jet Pickup is among the perks which can only be enjoyed by cardholders of the world elite cardholders. There is a higher discount for private jet travel, especially for business travelers. The rate is reduced from a standard flight into the airport to a private jet, which is exactly what many business executives are after. They want to get to their destination as soon as possible so they can start focusing on their tasks at hand.

Some of the other travel benefits offered by Carlson are discounts on entertainment packages and dining plans. The company believes that it should not be complicated to provide cardholders with an affordable and highly customizable entertainment package. The lower rate for meals will make cardholders save more money on their dining expenses, too. Carlson also wants to increase customer satisfaction by offering quality services and amenities at very competitive prices.

Another of the travel perks offered by Carlson is its annual fee and the Mastercard platinum cardholders don't have to pay an annual fee. That's very good news to many people who don't have any problems with paying for annual fees. The special discounts and the low price protection benefits of the Mastercard are very attractive, too. But the biggest advantages of Mastercard are the cash back and reward programs that allow cardholders to cash back any of the money they spend in stores, on movies, or any other merchandise with the use of their card. Rewards come in different forms such as airline miles and hotel stays at some of the best hotels in the world.

Carlson's CITI card gives cardholders an exclusive program, which rewards them with exclusive annual fee waivers, special credit card rates, and the convenience of cash rebates when shopping online. Carlson's CITI card gives cardholders the benefit of reduced interest rates, cash back, and discounts on travel and entertainment purchases. The special credit card rates start at just $0.00 per annum. If you are a cardholder of the CITI Elite or the Gold Card, then you will find this special rate to be irresistible.

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