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Ten Common Myths About Wells Fargo Business Platinum | wells fargo business platinum

A Choice of Rewards: The Wells Fargo Business Platinum Card allows you to take the rewards structure that you like. The choice to get 1.5% back on business purchases is perhaps the easiest option if you shop less than $1,500 a year when using your card. For that kind of minimal monthly income, the rewards should be substantial and worthy of your time and attention. Plus, when you pay a hefty amount for the privilege of getting that much cash back, you'd be doing yourself a favor by saving even more money in other areas. If you're not into the rewards system as such, there are other options with Wells Fargo Business Platinum Cards. They give you access to special offers, but they aren't really built around rewards.

No Spending Limit: Another perk of the Wells Fargo Business Cards is that they don't limit the number of purchases you can make during your introductory period. What could be better than that? You won't be limited by your spending. Instead, you can use all of that extra spending power to build your nest egg when you need it most. That's because you won't have to come up with the money to repay the loan you took out in order to purchase your business cards.

Extended Warranty Protection: An important benefit of the Wells Fargo Business Cards is that they provide extended warranty protection on purchases. That means that you won't have to worry about running out of money when you run into some unexpected problems. The company will cover your expenses for repair or replacement of items that were damaged during your period of business ownership.

EFT Fees: One of the best perks of owning a business card online is that you don't have to pay any fees for EFTs. Those annoying little fees can eat away at your earning potential, especially if you are not working at full capacity yet. With EFTs, you just pay the first year and then a half of the next year and so on. If you are using the Wells Fargo Business Card, you will never have to worry about those pesky EFT fees again.

Cash Back: The ability to earn rewards on purchases is a great perk of owning a Wells Fargo Business Platinum Card. What can you do with those extra dollars you earn each month? Well, you can put them towards buying products, services, and more. As an example, you can use those rewards to buy groceries, clothing, gas, and more.

Annual Fee: A large percentage of credit card holders have an annual fee attached to their card. This fee eats away at your earning potential and diminishes your cash flow. If you avoid having to pay that fee this year, you can save a lot of money in the future. Paying an annual fee now will prevent financial problems down the road.

How Much Can You Earn? What's the number of purchases you can make with your Wells Fargo Business Platinum Card? You earn up to three thousand points for every dollar you spend. Can you imagine the benefit you receive? You can purchase anything you want during the first three months of your card and build up points. Then you just wait until the third month and use all those points to make even more purchases.

What Is Cash Back? Banks calculate their APR by the amount of money charged to customers each month. If you are a customer who pays no interest but keeps spending money, you will have a high APR. But if you pay your balance off each month and keep the card debt to zero, you will receive cash back rewards. Now you see why more people are choosing this type of bank card over those that issue cards with interest.

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