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Seven Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Platinum Debit Mastercard | platinum debit mastercard

With a Platinum Debit Mastercard you receive:

Protection for your savings accounts. The protection provided by the platinum debit card is unmatched. You are provided with up to one year of direct savings account coverage, which can be extended as needed. Then there is upto twelve months in most cases. Along with that, satisfaction guaranteed with your card is provided with any purchase you make at any participating merchants. In addition to that, all travel and emergency assistance is also provided through the cardholder's own personal travel safety assistance program.

Travel assistance. There are separate cardholders' assistance plans for frequent travelers and others. When you use your platinum debit Mastercard for international travel, there is assistance with foreign transaction fees, which are often much higher than those charged for domestic travel. In addition, there are special offers for cruises, discounts for hotels and activities, and assistance with emergency expenses. Travel tips for staying on-time, minimizing unnecessary mileage, and knowing how to avoid common airport delays and missed connections are also part of the cardholder's assistance program.

Emergency assistance. When you use your debit card for international travel, you will find valuable assistance with foreign transaction fees, which are often much higher than those charged for domestic travel. In addition, there are special offers for cruises, discounts for hotels and activities, and personal travel safety assistance. There are several ways to obtain the assistance extended to you when you make purchases overseas. There are also many different ways to avoid the common airport concierge services charge when traveling abroad.

Increased savings. A credit card without a savings account has few benefits over a prepaid debit card, which offers an increased savings account. The greater savings is available in most countries worldwide. The card may also offer a bonus interest rate on purchases and cash advances. The ability to earn rewards or cash back with every purchase is another benefit associated with the platinum debit card. These bonuses and rates can be applied to purchases made at select participating merchants, including some that do not accept major credit cards.

Enhanced security measures. Because of the enhanced security features that are available on these cards, using them while traveling can eliminate the need to carry cash or any other form of funds. The cardholder scans the bar code on the back of the card to verify its identity during the checkout process. Transactions are also usually protected against fraud, as the cardholder verifies the card with the signature on the receipt prior to completing the transaction. Additionally, these transactions are typically covered under the Visa and MasterCard brands, which offer protection in the event that the card used is stolen.

No late fees. The cardholders have the option to pay for their transactions without incurring any additional fees. This includes incurring ATM fees, which are often automatically added to the card's balance when a transaction is made, as well as any fees that may be incurred when the card is lost or stolen. In addition, the prepaid debit card has no annual fee, making it one of the best values for money that can be purchased for both business and personal travel purposes.

Platinum Debit MasterCard cards are widely available, providing flexibility for both travelers and cardholders. They provide an increased level of security for both purchases and cash withdrawals, as well as the convenience of making payments without incurring fees. With these benefits, prepaid debit cards are an excellent way to ensure the maximum security while traveling or going about daily business.

Cards are also available from select retailers. A wide range of Platinum Debit MasterCard products are now available from leading card providers, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. With over 1.3 million cardholders, card providers have an excellent choice of styles, features and fees to meet any prepaid or traditional card user's needs. In addition to offering flexibility, cards from these issuers are available at a low cost. This makes these convenient and valuable travel companion cards a worthwhile investment for both business and personal travel needs.

When you carry a MasterCard, whether at your workplace, at your leisure or as part of your professional attire, you can travel anywhere with confidence. The availability of these cards means that your business and personal finances are accessible to you wherever you find yourself. If you are travelling, the convenience and security afforded by these cards make your transactions and life within the car much easier and safer than when carrying cash or traveler's checks. The assurance you receive from knowing you have safe and secure access to your cash and credit cards while travelling makes this an essential aspect of your personal and business life.

A MasterCard or Visa debit card allows you to spend money on almost anything that is applicable, which includes purchases online and in stores. Debit cards can be used in combination with other cards like your ATM cards and/or a card with a linked bank account. You can use your card as a regular card or make payments online whenever you choose. In addition to the ability to use your card anywhere you find yourself, you can rest assured that your personal and business finances are secure. These cards are available at great prices through card providers, making it easy for virtually everyone to own one of these important and beneficial credit cards.

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