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Seven Great Venture One Card Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends | venture one card

Venture One Card is one of several credit cards from American Express that have a rewards program based on airline miles. The company has partner cards with Diner's Club, BP, Citibank, Discover, K visa and plenty of other major airlines and hotel booking chains. In my opinion, this is the best credit card out there for the frequent flyer. It provides a decent benefit package at a reasonable annual fee. It does not matter if you fly one or ten times a year. You can get great savings.

The biggest bonus is the ability to earn up to two free tickets on any American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, US Airways, Hawaiian Airlines or Qatar Airways flight. The caveat is that you must use your card for purchases made with your credit card, online or via phone. This will earn you nothing unless you actually use your card to make a purchase. In other words, you cannot earn much unless you fly. I don't know about you, but I find that incentive pretty cool.

The airline miles category bonuses are another area I like. Again, it does not matter if you fly only one or ten times a year. You would still be able to earn some bonuses worth a few hundred airline miles each year. In my opinion, that is an excellent incentive to earn and the only reason not to earn them.

Travel Rewards or Statement Credits are yet another area of strength for the company. The rewards can be used anywhere including on the most popular airline. If you book your travel purchases using miles, you will earn statement credits each time you make a purchase. Depending on your carrier, you may be able to choose from a few different types of statement credits. Each of those may be redeemed for a variety of things including gift cards, cash, gift certificates or restaurants. They also offer frequent flier points to be used for airline miles.

There is one other area of strength in venture cards that is not often talked about. That is the annual fee that they charge. You might think that having an annual fee to pay for something is not very important, but this is not true. If you look at the cash back percentage, annual fee and the foreign transaction fees, you will see that it is well worth the annual fee. In fact, it might be better for you to pay the annual fee than it is to have the venture card with all the other advantages.

Many people also like the ability to have the convenience of having credit cards that they can use across many companies. However, I prefer my rewards miles to be earned with my airline carrier. If you use the card from American Airlines, you can redeem those rewards miles with Delta Airlines. I love Delta and always want to redeem my rewards miles whenever possible.

This brings me to a good point that is often overlooked when you are talking about airline rebates and such. Most people don't realize that you can also get rebates if you use your venture card to make your airline travel purchases. You can redeem those rewards points whenever you book your travel arrangements using your venture card. This gives you an opportunity to earn even more rewards.

Finally, there are some things that you must consider before you apply for a venture card. First, they do not offer a sign-up bonus. This means that the money that you earn from using your card is not going to go towards earning you a sign-up bonus. This was not a problem when I applied for a venture card, because I knew that I would be using the card to earn miles that could be redeemed for a free ticket. In today's economy, it is certainly worth doing anything that will save you money.

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