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Seven Doubts You Should Clarify About Current Visa Logo | current visa logo

A recent search for Australia customs apparel resulted in a website called “Australia Customs and Excise” (ACA). The site is designed to allow users to rebrand current Australia immigration and trading documents, including visas, passports and related requirements. However, upon further investigation, it seems that this rebranding portal may be part of an organized rebranding effort by an organization associated with the Australian Immigration Department (a) and Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This group has been assisting businesses involved in the rebranding of their current documentation since early 2021.

The purpose of this rebranding effort appears to be to avoid the need to obtain a new visa application. The idea is to create a new identity for the businesses that want to operate on the nation's borders and to convince the Australian government that their current branding is adequate. If a company has its own identity, as opposed to a common brand, it may be easier to apply for a visa and achieve a certain level of Australian visa status. This group is also looking to make the rebranding process as easy and convenient as possible.

Some of the things that appear to have happened over time are the removal of the country seal, which used to be the border seal on the left side of the card. This was done in April 2021. There was no explanation as to the reason for the move. The seal was to be removed so that the logo could be rebranded by the rebranding group. When the seal was removed, it left a big hole at the bottom corner of the card.

Although the removal of the seal is thought to be part of the rebranding process, it is not clear whether the rebranding group acted in accordance with the Australian Migration Institute guidelines on rebranding. It is also not clear why the seal was removed in April of this year, just as companies would normally need to wait until after two years of business to replace a brand. If the rebranding group was to use an older logo as the replacement, it could potentially conflict with the original copyright holder, whose copyright was still valid at the time of removal. It is also not clear how many other logos they are willing to use for branding purposes.

Many people believe they have received a letter from their current bank which requires them to change their current logo. The current logo used since 2021 has been the Visa logo. Some members banks may still be using the original Visa brand. These members banks will most likely not be applying for re-branding purposes as the cost to apply would be prohibitive. There is also a possibility that these members banks will be changing the current Visa logo to the new logo.

Currently there is no confirmed rebranding application from any of the Visa brand holders. In July 2021 the MasterCard brand rebranded to “Pepsi”. Philip Kingsley, Member, Chargeback Associates stated “I'm not against the branding of products, but I don't think it's a good idea at all. The MasterCard name is something which people associate with quality and trust and I think it is far too easy to just re-brand everything under the same name.”

Re-branding can be complicated when it comes to the Visa logo design. It appears that in the past they have preferred a simple two-tone logo with the logo in a solid color. However in recent years the majority of Visa logo designs have adopted a three-tone or four-tone approach. Most recently they have introduced what is known as the Visa montage logo. This logo has been described as “an artistic recreation of the original Visa logo”.

Currently it is believed that the majority of the major cosmetic companies are now planning on using this type of graphic logo. A recent study undertaken by Brand Keys found that nine out of every ten cosmetic product companies planned to re-brand their current logos. Not only will the logos look completely different in this new graphical format, but they will also appear much like the original. It is hoped that this immediately recognisable logo will help boost the popularity of certain brands.

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