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One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind Before Attending Onevanilla | onevanilla

Last week, purchased an improperly activated OneVanilla credit card. Now, want to share a personal experience with those of us who were affected. So why were OneVanilla cards inappropriately activated? The company is notifying all potential customers who may have recently purchased gift cards and prepaid credit cards of their actions. This will be taking place shortly.

What I noticed about this particular OneVanilla card is that upon activation, there were numerous promotional offers to be had on top of the regular offers. On the front of the card was a giant “Buy One, Get One FREE” promotion. To me, this made no sense at all. I thought I had a full month to use the card before it expired.

I tried calling the customer service number on the back of the card to inquire about expiration dates and if the onevanilla card was truly from OneVanilla, but they did not answer my call. My next move was to do a quick online search for the terms of the OneVanilla program. I found nothing particularly useful. It did say they are associated with the VISA debit cards and were working in partnership with VISA. So I assumed all the VISA debit cards were part of the onevanilla program.

I went ahead and applied for a new onevanilla card using my regular Visa/MC charges. Now it took about 2 hours before they processed my application. I was notified that I qualified for the special offer. When I went to apply for my new onevanilla prepaid reloadable visa debit card, I did not see any mention of the special offer. They simply provided me with the old VISA debit card and asked me to complete the application forms by fax.

That was not good enough for me. I immediately called the customer service number on the back of the card and talked to a person that actually answered the phone. She told me that my application could not be processed because I did not meet the prerequisites for activation. She also mentioned that onevanilla prepaid visa cards cannot be activated through e-mail. I was a bit shocked at first, since my understanding was that onevanilla prepaid visa cards can be activated by mail.

I asked her why they would not allow my request to be processed through e-mail. She informed me that e-mail is not secure. The OneVanilla website uses “secure sockets layer” (SSL) technology to protect your personal information from being intercepted. According to the World Wide Web Foundation, an organization that sets standards for Internet security, onevanilla card holders have stronger protection against hackers than most other Internet users. Therefore, they are better protected than someone who uses a traditional credit card or a visa gift card to make purchases.

In addition to the fact that they cannot be activated through mail, onevanilla cards do not give you access to your balance or to the money itself, unless you pay the full amount at once. I know that this sounds difficult to believe since you will probably be using your onevanilla card just like an ordinary credit card and you will want to be able to access all your money at any given moment. Unfortunately, the OneVanilla website states that you cannot make cash advances with your prepaid Visa cards. It is possible to pay the full amount at one time and then pay the remainder over the course of a month. If you happen to run out of money while shopping at a particular store and if the option to pay at once is not available, then you will have to wait until your next visit to make another purchase.

One vanillas card has a feature called “pay once.” This feature means that when you use your card to make a purchase, the cashier will charge your account with whatever price was paid in full at that time. There is a discount offered to retailers who offer this type of service. In order to take advantage of this discount, you will need to have either a one Visa or one MasterCard activated on your account.

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