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How To Leave Amex Green Without Being Noticed | amex green

The Amex Green Card appears more poised to compete with other travel cards offered by other companies. Between these cards, however, the American Express Green Card generally costs less than the Amex Gold Card, often costing just $150 a year to have. The Amex Gold Card also offers rewards in addition to cash back and is available at many of the same locations that the Gold Card is available at. The Amex Green Card also offers frequent flyer miles, although these cannot be used to purchase airline tickets. On the other hand, the American Express Green Card offers discounts on groceries and U.S. grocery purchases and pays you back with a small monthly fee.

As part of an ongoing effort to promote their credit card brands, and thereby increase their customer share, American Express has devised the following marketing strategy: offer a “green” credit card. The Amex Green Card comes pre-paid with a 150 annual fee, which increases annually. The annual fee is in addition to the amount of the interest charge on the credit card. These two fees together equal about half of what you pay every year!

The promotional advantages of the Amex green card program are many. First, it offers an extremely low per-transaction rate, because the company anticipates a low percentage of its total spending on fuel and other associated fees from cardholders. Second, with a focus on environmental and travel credits, you only pay for the actual purchases you make, not the membership fees for being a member. Third, because the membership only costs one hundred dollars a year (which includes the one hundred annual fee), it is a very cost effective way to pay for travel.

The following are the top three ways to earn rewards with an area green card: First, by using your card for all of your regular purchases; this includes your everyday grocery store purchases as well as gasoline purchases at the pump. You will earn not only points toward your purchases (such as gasoline) but also after every paid transaction, you will earn one point. This one point can then be redeemed for a free night at an approved hotel, a percentage off your car insurance, and even plane tickets!

Second, with your membership you also earn two to four percent statement credits each time you make a purchase. These statement credits cannot be used for actual cash purchases but only for merchandise, travel, and insurance, so keep this in mind when using your points for something else. Last, when you use your points to pay for airline miles to meet free airline travel rewards, you earn additional points toward your free tickets.

Now that you know how much you can earn through using your Amex green card for regular and/or statement credit purchases, you need to learn what types of things you can do to turn those rewards into much better spending power. There are several things you can do to save money on your monthly Amex bills including: eating out at restaurants, taking the family out for lunch or dinner instead of buying lunch at work, and purchasing gasoline at the pump instead of filling up your tank at home. In addition to saving money on your monthly Amex bills, these tips will help you spend less money overall as well.

As previously mentioned, using your points for airline miles earns you free travel miles. However, you won't get the full value of your rewards unless you are willing to pay the full 150 annual fee. The annual fee is not a problem because it is waived once you reach the three-year anniversary of your card's installation. On top of the fee, another big expense is the fifteen dollars a month that Amex charges to maintain your account. This additional money adds up fast, and if you plan on using your points for airline travel, you will likely be avoiding this expense by transferring your balance to another introductory offer with a lower annual fee. In any case, it is nice to have the extra Amex credit to start out with because it allows you to build your credit rating faster.

If you want to take your relationship with Amex to the next level, you may want to consider applying for a co-signer account. Co-signers act as a responsible credit card owner who signs for the benefit of his or her spouse or family member. With a co-signer account, you won't be responsible for earning the 150 credit points necessary for receiving the free airline miles and free gasoline. However, you will still have the convenience of making your payments on time and having a second line of credit at your disposal that can be used for additional spending needs that you might incur in the future.

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