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Five Disadvantages Of Prime Reward And How You Can Workaround It | prime reward

Which credit card is best for those who travel a lot? Which credit card is best for those who travel once a year? It all depends on your spending habits and how often you fly. Below is a list of credit cards that offer the best travel rewards.

The Best: Amazon Prime Rewards Credit Card This one of the few credit cards with no annual fee and yet comes with a hefty annual fee of $ Norton. However, if you are using Amazon for most of your purchases, it might not be worth it to you to pay that annual fee every year for just the cash back portion. If you use Amazon as your main source of shopping, you will want to apply for the prime rewards card. This will save you a lot of money in comparison to paying the higher annual fees.

The Best: Discover More Cash-backs For Your Purchases When you apply for the Discover More Cash-backs credit card, you get an exclusive program where you can earn up to two percent cash-back on every purchase you make. This will save you a lot of money because it will reduce the amount of your interest payment. Plus, this cash-back program is not limited to gas station purchases or department store purchases.

The Best: American Express Travel Rewards credit card With this one of the best rewards credit card offers you earn a fifteen percent cash back bonus whenever you make purchases at the AEX stores. Also, this one of the best because it offers you a no annual fee. It allows you to determine how much cash back you get on every purchase you make. This means you do not have to worry about being enrolled in an over limit or frequent flier program.

The Best: Sallie Mae Starwood Preferred Card This is another of the many prime rewards credit cards from Sallie Mae. This one of the best because it provides you with the opportunity to earn up to three percent cash back on every purchase you make. Also, you get to take advantage of a twenty-four hour customer service line with answers twenty-four hours a day. Sallie Mae guarantees that they will be there to help you when you need them. And, since you have to pay a very low interest rate with this one of their premier offers, you are going to be saving a lot of money on interest charges each month.

The Best: Sheraton Collection Account This one of the many rewards points offered by Sheraton is actually a revolving statement credit line. If you have other credit lines, like a low rate credit card or an interest free credit card, you can transfer any balance to the Sheraton Collection Account. This way you can save money each month on interest charges as well as spend any interest free time that you want to shop. With the Sheraton Collection Account you will also be collecting monthly statements of your unused points.

The Best: Hilton HHonors Card With Gold Card Another of the many rewards points offered by Hilton is the Hilton Honors Card. The Hilton Honors Card allows you to use your credit card to make purchases at participating locations around the world. You can choose from thousands of restaurants, hotels, and theme parks to save money on your purchases. If you have other Hilton cards, you can earn bonus points with the Hilton Honors Card by making purchases at participating locations in other countries.

The Best: Delivery Service Reward Credit Card If you are someone who likes to shop online, then you should look into this great credit card from Discover. The Discover Card from Discovery includes a number of perks and options, including free shipping when you make any purchases, no annual fees and unlimited number of cash back or rebate offers. With the delivery service included you can be free to shop any place that you want. Plus, you will get a free trial for their shipping service. And every purchase you make will qualify you for free or discounted shipping. With so many options like this you should look into getting a rewards card like the Discover Card.

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