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3 Ugly Truth About Amex Credit Card Statement | amex credit card statement

Amex credit statement is an accurate and complete account of each billing cycle of an individual consumer that includes the amount payable to the bank and various transaction details performed on each particular date. Every month, you pay your credit bills by debit card or check. This statement shows all the details, such as date of transaction, account number, routing number, amount payable, and status (paid, unpaid, default, etc). It also includes the late charges and other fees payable at the end of the month. The statement also contains the credit limit of the account.

With the advent of online banking, it has become quite easy to keep track of your spending and manage your budget. With this, the Amex credit cards offer online access so that cardholders can easily check their statement online and see how much they owe to the bank and how much they have in savings and other investment options. This makes it easier for the cardholders to track their spending and helps them plan their budget.

There are some specific advantages of the statement provided by Amex for those who use it for paying their bills. In addition to being easy to access online, it is also more convenient for the applicants to track their spending and savings through the statement. Moreover, it helps the individual to check their credit history. If there are any inaccuracies, it helps the applicant to correct the same.

The statement credit cards offered by Amex are basically designed for those who have a sound financial management and control over money. The statement credits are beneficial for those who want to build credit history. The applicant needs to prove that he is financially capable of making the monthly payments. The applicant must have a steady job and have sufficient savings so that he can make the payment every month without delay. The applicant must also have an active checking account from a bank and must be in a position to show that he pays his bills on time.

Other features like online statement credit cards from Amex are also beneficial to corporate borrowers. The corporate purchasing card enables the cardholder to shop for items online. It gives a lot of added discounts and benefits to those who use this card for shopping. The consumer gets great protection from frauds, scams and identity theft. Thus the corporate purchasing card enables the cardholder to protect his company and its finances.

The above features of the statement credit rewards points credit cards are useful to the company. However, one must remember that they need to pay a regular fee for these perks. However, the Amex corporate credit cards offer great rewards at a nominal annual fee. One must apply for an annual membership with Amex and get the card which offers these perks.

If you are an American Express traveler, you need not worry when it comes to American Express purchases overseas. In fact, you can earn rewards points just by using the American Express card abroad. You can use the points in many different ways like making hotel purchases, restaurants, gasoline purchases, car rentals and so on. You earn the reward points when you make purchases using your card at any of the American Express outlets located in the various cities around the world. You can even earn the reward points when you use your card overseas to make purchases at participating hotels and restaurants.

Mobile phone users can avail the benefits offered by the Amex credit cards too. The mobile app of the Amex enables the user to keep track of all their expenses and transactions through the mobile app. The cardholder needs to log in to the Amex mobile app and can view all the latest deals and promotions which are being featured by the card issuer. The mobile app also features Amex's customer care, which is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week through phone and email.

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