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3 Things You Didn’t Know About American Express Travel Card | american express travel card

If you travel regularly or are thinking about doing so, you need to check out an Amex Travel Card. These cards can be obtained at many online travel retailers. You also can obtain a traditional Amex card by visiting your local branch. The benefits of an American Express Travel Card are numerous, to say the least. But, you do need to read the small print carefully before applying. Below is a quick overview of what the American Express Travel Card offers and what you need to know before you apply.

Most Amex travel Cards earns Points. You can redeem those flexible, points for travel, gift certificates, and many other options. Certain Amex cards, like the Platinum and Gold, will transfer earned points to certain travel partners, like Starwood, Holiday Inn, or Interval International. But, there are also other incentives available, depending on the specific cardholder.

One of the features that is most attractive is the airline rewards program. Most American Express travel credit cards offer blackout dates when it comes to airline tickets. This means that you will get to book your flight, but if it happens to be canceled by the airline, you will still be able to board. If you book your flight through a different airline, say by phone, and the flight is canceled, you will not be covered.

In order to qualify for an American Express Travel Card, you must have a good credit rating. To get a higher credit score, you may want to take a look at your credit report. You should be aware that all reputable companies review your credit report before they offer you a card. If your credit score is excellent, you should have no problem qualifying for an American Express Travel Card. It is definitely a good idea to obtain one if you are a frequent traveler. The rewards programs can add up quickly, especially if you are a business person or a student.

When you start looking into American Express travel credit cards, you will find that there are many perks available. A lot of these bonuses are automatically applied when you open the account. For example, if you purchase airfare, you may be offered a rebate on the price. Other air travel perks include frequent flyer miles, hotel stays, rental car discounts, dining coupons and so forth.

American Express travel promo cards have a very strong rewards program. They have a system called Amex Air Miles, which gives cardholders air miles based upon how many miles they use their card. As cardholders to accumulate more miles, they will receive higher amounts of free flight tickets. Cardholders can usually earn up to two five-star hotels. There are a few travel promotions at the moment which offer cardholders special deals: if you spend $1000 within a specific time period, you can get double the amount of points toward any future purchases.

American Express travels cards also offer some excellent hotel cards. These hotels are often well-known chains, however they are offered for a low price and come with rewards. You receive the highest percentage rates at the hotel of your choice with American Express. In addition, you will be able to use your points towards the cost of your stay. The hotel cards normally offer high points per dollar as well, so the combination of points with great hotel discounts could make a substantial difference to your total trip expenses.

If you use your points to purchase airline tickets, you will receive discounts from the airline that you book. You can also use your points at specific airline businesses, hotels, and attractions when you have them. With this card, you can basically take advantage of all the discounts and benefits that American Express has to offer, while still earning a point for every dollar that you charge. This is a great way to save on your vacation packages and earn rewards points, too!

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