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3 Small But Important Things To Observe In Premier World Elite | premier world elite

The HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard is a premier world elite credit card. This card earns up to 3X Points/dollar on all purchases, 2X Points/dollar on dining transactions, and 1X points on all other purchases. It can be used worldwide, at participating hotels, and at millions of retail outlets including online merchants. The premier card gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to on the planet. You will pay no interest charges or membership fees.

You can use your HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard towards many different travel reward programs including: the Air Miles program, the Hotel Collection Program, the Starwood Preferred Guest Card, the Global Resorts Program, and the Hilton HHonors Travel Passes. You earn points for every dollar you spend! These points add up fast and can be used for air miles, hotels, rental cars, gift cards, and so much more! There are also special offers such as free hotels for life or double your points with the Hilton HHonors points program. This gives you the power to fly whenever you want to!

There are many perks included in the benefits of the HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard. First, there is no annual fee. No matter what your financial situation is, you can qualify for this premier customer service offer. Second, the no annual fee offers a zero percent introductory rate on your balance transfers for up to an introductory period of five years or on your balance transfers for ten years. The interest rate will remain at that level throughout the term.

What is so great about the premier world Mastercard? It has a powerful global flight exchange program that gives you access to over half a million destinations. You have access to two unique reward programs. You also have access to the premier world map application which allows you to see where you are located in real time. In addition to all of these amazing benefits, the card also gives you the convenience of making your payments online from your bank account.

As a premier world elite Mastercard holder, you have the opportunity to earn rewards that are equivalent to using one cent per mile. As part of the exclusive global travel benefits, you also have access to a high annual fee. There is no annual fee, but you will be required to pay the high annual fee for exceptional airline service.

Some of the other major features include: premier status, access to a premier store, high interest rate savings account, online account management, online account shopping, and online account shopping for other products. You also receive two hundred percent savings on dining plans and on leisure and travel products. The cards come with a twelve month introductory APR period. They also provide you with travel insurance.

When you use the Dining Club feature, you will be able to earn an automatic savings of two percent off your total bill each month. If you do not eat at home or do not go out to eat, you will still qualify for this wonderful benefit. With the Dining Club, you would earn three points per dollar spent at participating restaurants. You also have access to a premier store which sells a wide range of refrigerated and frozen foods.

The premier gift club, the Premier Rewards Club, provides you with a number of different options. You can earn 1.5 cents per point when making your monthly deposits. With this amazing feature, you would earn three points per dollar whenever you make your first deposit. Whenever you make a purchase, you would automatically be entitled to one percent of that purchase's total cost as statement credits. With this, you have access to all the services that the bank offers for its customers such as savings, checking account, and savings accounts with debit cards.

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