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Seven Things You Didn’t Know About My Citi Card | my citi card

With the current economic situation, you may be wondering whether or not it is a good idea to still have a My Citi Card. After all, many consumers have been affected by the recession and are finding themselves in difficult financial positions. They are left with few, if any, choices. So, is a credit card worth having if you don't need to use it?

Let's start by reviewing the benefits offered by the credit card. First of all, you can earn up to three times more points per dollar that you put into your account. You can purchase all kinds of goods, including gas and groceries. And you do earn cash back on virtually every purchase you make. There are virtually no expenses incurred that cannot be made good with cash back. This makes it a great benefit and an excellent way to build a savings account, should you choose to.

But, there are some costs as well. Although you earn up to triple cash back on just about every purchase you make, the annual fee is not waived. It is not free, but it is well worth it. That's right, a double cash card with no annual fee is also available.

What is a double cash card and does it come with an annual fee? The annual fee is charged for convenience, since you will have to pay it annually. But, it is not paid off completely until you have saved a certain amount. For those of you that are interested in building a savings account, this can be a great benefit, since earning points and cash back at every single purchase can add up very quickly.

Some other benefits offered by My CITI Premier Card are: unlimited rewards, zero fees, unlimited benefits, and unlimited benefits. There are a lot of perks that come with owning this card, but what really stands out is the fact that you will earn double points for every dollar that you charge. A regular gas station will only give out three or four dollars in reward points, but you can earn double points at the major chains like BP, Texaco, and Shell.

You can even choose between the different types of reward programs that are available through this premier card. First off, you can get double cash back on all of your everyday spending and convenience purchases. Secondly, you can earn up to a five hundred-point bonus on the purchases of merchandise at select restaurants and gas stations. Lastly, you can earn up to a one thousand point bonus for just doing three hundred dollars in dining.

Some people may wonder why they would bother getting a prestige card when they get double the points with a regular CITI card. While the two will likely be priced the same, CITI gives you the option to earn much more money in a lot less time. When you have double the rewards with a regular card, it takes four years or more to accumulate the same amount of money as a CITI Premier Card. With a prestige card, you can see results within the first month. It is not surprising that many people compare the double points and the earning opportunities with a regular card versus a prestige card.

In terms of the cost to receive this card, the annual fee is nominal compared to any other rewards programs out there. With a regular card, you are looking at anywhere from three to ten dollars per year for the annual fee. On top of that, you are looking at the potential of earning anywhere from seven to twenty-five thousand points per year. If you compare those points to the prices you will pay at a popular gas station or restaurant, you will see that you will be saving hundreds of dollars every single year. If you are looking to save money and get some perks back, then make CITI your priority.

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