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Seven Common Misconceptions About Citibusiness Aadvantage | citibusiness aadvantage

This article is about the Citibusiness Advantage Card. The name says it all: it provides bonus perks for business travelers, and it's an ideal credit card for those who fly often. How does it work? It's simple to see how CITibank decided to design such a great card. They've borrowed some ideas from other well known business travel rewards cards like the Starwood Preferred Guest card, American Express Gold Card, and the Costco Premier Card.

In many ways, the CITIBank Avantage Platinum Select Card and the affiliated cards from American Express, Costco, and American Airlines are all about the same thing. They allow frequent business travelers the option of earning miles toward their next flight. Each time you use the card, you earn one mile for every dollar you charge. As you earn more miles, you'll earn an elite status, which will allow you to redeem gifts from partner airlines.

Those who own the Citibusiness Avantage Card earn a 10% bonus when they use their card to buy airline tickets. If you book through the website, not the airline in most cases, you earn four points toward your next flight. Those who have access to the exclusive program can also earn a bonus up to five percent off travel expenses. American Express, American Airlines, and Costco all offer different types of plans to suit your specific business travel needs, and all of these cards are accepted at over two-dozen different airports around the United States.

The unique feature of this card offers frequent travelers a way to earn miles for every dollar they spend. You can redeem those miles for free tickets, hotel stays, and rental cars. And you can earn even more miles if you use your card for a specific purchase, such as airline tickets, concert tickets, or daycare. Each dollar you earn is equivalent to one mile per dollar spent, so you're basically getting paid to fly.

If you spend a certain amount within a specific timeframe, you will be eligible to earn an extra bonus of ten percent off your future purchases. If you want to earn 65,000 miles worth of free tickets, you must spend a certain amount by a certain date. If you are a business owner, you will have to present your Citibusiness Avantage Card to your financial institution for this unique reward program. Other individual business credit card companies may also offer this one of a kind benefit, so be sure to check out all of your options.

Other small business credit cards will feature other bonus categories, such as travel, entertainment, and service providers. Consider whether these bonus categories would apply to your business, too. If you operate a food service business, could you benefit from the ability to choose from one of the many restaurants in the area? If you have employees that need to be trained in new areas, the ability to offer training in the area of your operations could save you time and money down the road.

The last advantage of the Citibusiness Aadvantage Card is its Free Check Bag Offer. The company is also one of only a few business credit cards that feature a no-fee, free check bag policy. It is important to note, however, that this no-fee policy does not apply to children. Children younger than five may be charged an additional fee for their checked bags.

These are the main benefits of the Citibusiness Aadvantage Platinum Select MasterCard, which gives you a chance at financial success. Keep in mind, it does not give you a grace period to pay your balance off before the interest begins to accrue. You will have to pay that balance immediately, however, and you will have to prove that you have a steady income. Once you have established a good payment history, the no-fee policy will end, but the welcome bonus of the first four months of unlimited spending will still remain.

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