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Reasons Why Citi Aadvantage Executive Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade | citi aadvantage executive

CITI Aadvantage Executive Summary highlights the key differences and benefits of the CITI Aadvantage Executive. The CITI Aadvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard review highlights: It is for the busy traveler. Travel is often the most important part of a business trip for most people. When you factor in the value of membership in the Admiral Group, which costs almost $400 when bought on its own, the CITI Aadvantage Executive will really give the average individual about $700 per year in profit, according to WalletHubs calculations.

Another key benefit is that it gives rewards on every purchase and earns you miles per dollar spent. With CITI Avantage Executive, you get two cards with just the cost of one regular card and no annual fee or security fee. On top of these benefits, you also get access to special offers such as “Earn As You Travel,” “CITI Bonus Minutes,” “Lowest Purchase APR,” “Free Travel Insurance” and more. Most importantly, though, you can earn Aadvantage Executive cards even if you do not travel or do business out of the country. All these benefits put together make the CITI Avantage Executive Card a must-have for anyone planning on doing business internationally.

Aside from the benefits of having a CITI Avantage Executive for business, it also comes with an “Award Streak Bonus,” which is given to members who buy at least ten tickets or purchases over a certain amount of money from selected CITI Aadvantage partner restaurants and resorts. The Deal Bonus has nothing to do with the actual credit card; instead, it's a unique system that CITI has designed to give their partners an advantage. Every time you make a purchase, your points will be added up and you will receive an award. These awards, of course, are not just for regular dining and travel expenses. You can earn awards for expenditures at home, at the gym, when shopping, and a host of other things.

A major bonus for Aadvantage holders is the availability of blackout dates and airfare discounts. The blackout dates are set by the airline carriers, and the discounts are only applicable on airline tickets purchased from specific airlines and at specific outlets. For this reason, if you want to avail of these discounts, you need to pick the right airlines to go with. CITI Avantage members are entitled to free airfare, a discount on hotels, meals and car rentals, and rebate on other services such as spa facilities. Aside from these major advantages, though, CITI Avantage also offers other perks such as frequent flier miles, special credit card bonuses, free checked luggage, and other privileges.

Joining CITI Avantage's exclusive lounge access program also provides you with an added perk. Lounge access cards allow you to enjoy perks like free admission to participating CITI branches and the pre-boarding process of international flights. CITI Avantage lounge access cards are available at CITI authorized agents' offices and through the company's website. Avantage members have the option to choose the lounge that they prefer, so be sure to read their guidelines carefully before making your choice. There are currently no annual fees attached to CITI Avantage executive card offers.

CITI Avantage elite memberships provide several benefits. First, you get early access to tickets and guaranteed availability of many discounted rates and special offers. Second, with CITI Avantage elite membership you can enjoy exclusive access to special sales events hosted by CITI Avantage executives. Third, CITI Avantage lounges offer access to airport lounges operated by Delta Air Lines, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Fourth, CITI Avantage lounges give frequent travelers the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for air miles and CITI gift cards.

There is a two-year minimum lapse on CITI Avantage executive card applications. A one-year membership is also available for those who wish to become CITI Avantage elite members but do not meet the criteria for initial bonus qualification. All fees are payable in one lump sum annually, per year, including applicable taxes and gratuities. There is a twenty-one day grace period following the expiration date of your agreement, during which you may request a review of your account with the company and the completion of any requested upgrades.

Additional benefits include: A ten percent rebate on all expenditures; a twenty-five percent discount on all CITI travel and dining arrangements; a twenty-eight percent discount on all CITI leisure travel; and up to two miles per cent savings on all gasoline purchases. Additional benefits include: access to exclusive member only club websites; discounts at participating restaurants; and discounts on select travel products and services. One of the primary reasons corporate businesses and executives choose to join CITI Avantage Executive Lounges is the ongoing rewards program. This program gives corporate consumers an extended opportunity to earn rewards and incentives for making their travel and entertainment purchases. By choosing to join, you are choosing to invest in a successful business which CITI is well-positioned to deliver.

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