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Five Small But Important Things To Observe In Forex Prepaid Card | forex prepaid card

Get the latest Forex Prepaid Card by surfing through the various offers currently available in the online currency trading market. The ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid Card offers an attractive and efficient way of carrying money and collecting rewards from foreign exchange trading. Now avoid costly currency exchange rates and save on cross currency transactions by loading your prepaid card with different foreign currencies – US dollar, GBP, CAD, EUR, AUD, SEK, AED, JPY, SGD, and other popular currencies.

These cards enable instant worldwide coverage. Merchants can approve transactions at any time including the hour, half hour, regular business hours, or twelve hour period. Thus, you can enjoy immense freedom and flexibility in doing your foreign exchange business. This card has no annual fee, and you are also not required to convert the amount you have loaded into the local currency before use. The ICICI bank for prepaid card can be used worldwide up to the limit amount which has been loaded into the card, thereby eliminating currency transaction charges.

Merchants can enjoy greater flexibility when carrying cash, as they can withdraw from their account from anywhere in the world, by just clicking 'gateway' on the card. Thus, they can carry cash for shopping in any corner of the world. This facility is possible even if the customer is traveling overseas and the merchant outlet does not accept currencies other than the one he is carrying. This can be advantageous to customers who do not want to exchange currencies for their trip and for those who intend to travel overseas but do not wish to carry large amounts of money. The travelers will be able to enjoy complete freedom while traveling, and will have sufficient funds to cover their expenditure. The more prepaid card enables the customers to make purchases in any currency by paying only nominal transaction charges applicable.

Merchants can enjoy the benefits of a lower foreign exchange rate by carrying ICICI bank prepaid cards along with their cash. This allows them to buy products at a better price. The customer will get the best exchange rate for his money when he uses this card. Thus, it helps in reducing the foreign exchange rate differences between the different countries.

For the convenience of the customer, there are certain features available in the free prepaid card. The customer can use it to pay for any domestic and foreign transaction made online. There are certain online services, which enable the customers to check currency rates and compare them. This feature further helps the customers to avail the best rate for their money. Therefore, this bank account is an ideal instrument for the travellers who intend to spend long periods of time abroad.

The customers can also use the credit or debit card to fund their transactions abroad. This enables them to make purchases at any foreign currency without any difficulty. The travellers will be free from the hassle of carrying foreign currency on their person and can use the free prepaid card as their personal travel money card.

These cards have the unique feature of having links with various banks. Hence, they will offer the customers with attractive interest rates and various kinds of bonuses. The customer can choose the bank that offers the most competitive rate and thus can minimize his risk. Many merchants and travellers prefer to use these free cards to avoid conversion rates and to carry only cash for making payment for their transactions abroad.

The banks offer the card free of cost in return of the customer's subscription fee. The customer can use the card to make a purchase of currencies of various countries. The replacement card that comes along will be useful for the customer to know the current exchange rate of the chosen currency. This information can be very useful when a traveller plans to shop for goods in other country. A trader can plan his trip efficiently by using the free prepaid card as he does not have to worry about conversion rates.

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