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Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From Walmart Moneycard | walmart moneycard

How to get a Walmart MoneyCard? On-line it's available but beware of imitators. Be careful and read all information carefully on the Walmart web site. They tell you what card you can get, and all the benefits that come with it. They don't leave anything to chance.

The way the Walmart prepaid cards are different from other on-line credit card options is that you don't need a bank account number or any routing number. You are issued a MasterCard debit card, which works like a traditional credit card, where you make purchases with it just like you would with a credit card. You can request a Walmart MoneyCard on-line, and they will deliver it to your house usually in just a few days. Also, they offer two forms of this prepaid card: A “Walmart prepaid visa” card and a “Walmart money card”. The only difference between these two is the amount you can spend.

As you might expect, they have the same set of features that they offer with the Visa and MasterCard brands. You can use your card to make purchases at virtually any on-line location, even gas stations and Sam's Club stores (if you have an account there). The only difference with the Walmart prepaid money card is that you aren't required to have a checking account, so if you don't have a bank account, you won't be able to open one with them. They do require a routing number, however, and they do charge an annual fee for their services. There are also a few other fees they offer, such as an auto-debit fee and monthly fees. These fees are not usually too costly, especially compared to what other cash advance companies charge.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can withdraw your paycheck tax refund directly from your bank account using your Walmart moneycard. This is a very useful service, especially if you often forget to send your tax refunds in a timely manner. They will deposit the refund into your account within twenty-four hours. The monthly fees for this service are also very reasonable. Most likely, you won't even be aware they are even offered unless you check and see their fees listed right among the other charges for their services.

The Walmart prepaid debit cards are accepted at all on-line locations, which include but are not limited to supermarket, retail stores, restaurants, and fast food outlets. In addition, the cards are honored at most hotels worldwide. There is really no reason to carry around extra cash or a checkbook anymore when you can simply use your Walmart money card to make purchases. In addition, you do not have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash or changing your ID or debit card information from one place to another.

Some banks, such as Bank of America and Chase, do not currently offer Wal-Mart prepaid debit cards. You should check with your financial institution to determine if they do. Also inquire about terms and any conditions related to your bank account. If you have a current checking account at a participating bank, you may be able to transfer funds directly to your Walmart money card or you can use your regular bank debit card to make purchases. If your bank does not currently offer the service, ask them if they would consider adding Wal-Mart to their list of participating banks in the near future.

Like most other reputable banks, Bank of America does not currently have a Walmart money card program. Currently, they only offer their regular checking account and savings and loan programs to their customers. If you are interested in receiving a Walmart money card, you will need to complete a routing number request through your bank. Your routing number is assigned by your financial institution and it will serve as the customer identifier for any deposits you make. Each customer may only have a single routing number, but you can increase your account balance and obtain additional routing numbers from Bank of America by visiting their website.

Consumers can obtain rewards for spending using their Walmart prepaid cards, just as they can for traditional bank accounts. There are specific programs that offer a cash back or merchant account rewards program. The types of rewards that you can receive with these prepaid moneycards depend on the amount of the balance, the type of account you have, the amount of transactions that occur and the frequency of your shopping at Walmart. These rewards can save you a lot of money over time.

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