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3 Unbelievable Facts About Wells Fargo Lost Card | wells fargo lost card

When I was shopping for a credit card last week, I decided to check out Wells Fargo's website. I have a Wells Fargo account and they are one of the most well respected and trusted companies. Being a huge fan of their services, I felt it wise to go to their website and see what their lost card feature is all about. When I clicked the “lost card” link, I was taken back to my screen. The screen was filled with all kinds of information, including a virtual avatar of me, which I thought was very cool!

While that got my attention, I wanted to see what else the website had to offer. Is there an easy way to report a stolen or lost Wells Fargo bankcard? Are there other things that I can do to help protect myself and my credit from identity theft? After much searching, I was able to find some very useful information!

On their home page, they mention that they have “rigorous customer service policies that protect you from being a victim of theft or fraud.” What exactly does “rigorously” mean? There are many different aspects to it, so I will break them down in my article and explain everything that I found. Hopefully this information will help protect you, your family, and your credit card.

First, I would like to talk about fraud and how this protection process works. A Wells Fargo representative actually told me that they review their customer service records on a monthly basis and act quickly if any unauthorized transactions occur. If you have ever placed a claim, then you know how fast they respond. However, I did find that in some cases, the customer service department was not always available when I needed to ask about something. I suppose that is because in some cases, there could be fraudulent charges on your account. I was also informed by Wells Fargo that they do check for these types of charges on a monthly basis.

Fraud is a huge problem these days and it is good that Wells Fargo takes fraud very seriously. According to their policy, if they find that someone has used your Wells Fargo debit cards in any way to make purchases without your authorization, then they must contact the appropriate authorities and issue a cease and desist order. The policy further states that they will investigate every report that they receive and will work closely with law enforcement agencies to pursue any charges that are brought against any of their customers.

Now, I will discuss my understanding of fraudulent charges on the American Express credit cards that were stolen from my daughter's purse. My daughter had been using her American Express cards at a local mall for about six months. On the first day of using her American Express credit card, she went shopping and within twenty minutes of leaving the mall, a security guard noticed that one of the three American Express credit cards that she had was in fact stolen. The security guard immediately called me to inform me of this situation. From what I understand, my daughter's purse had contained $400 in cash along with one additional credit card.

From my understanding, my daughter never revealed to the security guard that she had been using her American Express credit card to make purchases at the mall. She had no idea that this information was even available to them. My daughter told the security guard that this was not her idea of spending money. She stated that she had shopped at this location before and knew that she had the pin number for her credit card. The security guard immediately contacted the local police department and paid a small amount of money to have the stolen American Express debit card number taken off of my daughter's credit report.

I did find the lost card number through an online search. Through a telephone call with Wells Fargo's toll-free customer service line, I was able to speak with a customer service representative who quickly located me. He also provided me with the contact information for the local police department. It appears that my daughter's theft did not occur over the phone but on the internet. However, from my understanding, the security guard was not notified of this situation by the local security company.

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