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3 Secrets About Citi Costco Card Benefit That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 3 Years | citi costco card benefit

You have probably heard the news – CITI Costco Card is now available to members of the United States. What is the attraction to this credit card from CITI? Is it worth getting for the Secured Lines of Credit? Or is this just another in a long line of rehashed material about how credit cards work and what benefits you can get if you apply for one? Read on to find out!

The first thing that is abundantly clear about CITI Costco Card is that it is not a Costco card, at all. Costco is a well-known retailer of small merchandise and other goods online and at their stores. The Costco card benefit is, of course, exclusive access to Costco's online website and the discounts and specials they have for their members.

But this card is more than that. The features are good and the benefits are great. It's hard not to see the attraction of this credit card to a lot of people. It has the same features as every other major credit card out there. If you are a US citizen and hold a checking and savings account, you can be approved for this credit card. If you don't, you can apply for a normal Visa or MasterCard.

You should know, however, that this particular credit card does not have nearly the same perks and rewards programs as their bigger counterparts. If you are looking for a credit card that offers a variety of incentives, and most people are, this definitely isn't it. Costco does offer some decent reward programs with their credit cards, though. You'll typically get a percentage point off your gas when you make a purchase, up to three percent off select fabrics, and a fixed dollar amount spent each quarter for a couple of selected services.

But the biggest thing this credit card benefit offers is the cash back option. This is a feature you won't find in many other cash back cards. You will, however, find it in some of the better business cards, including American Express, Discover and Citi. But Costco's card benefits are superior to those offered by other issuers.

This benefit is one you won't find anywhere else. It gives you one benefit and two cards with a portion of your spending to put back in the bank, making it a dual credit card benefit. If you're concerned about being “green” go with this one. Even if you don't shop at Costco, you should still take advantage of the cash back option.

The ability to choose an ATM of your choice is also part of the Citi Costco card benefit. You will get to choose from either a gas-station or a credit card terminal. And, if you use the internet at all, you can use your phone card to buy things online through the Citi website. These types of convenient features make this card a top choice for anyone looking for a credit card that combines the convenience and rewards.

If you've never had a card before, or if you've been the victim of fraud, this is the right card for you. There are so many perks, this card offers. There's no reason not to get this Citi Costco card benefit if you haven't before. It'll help you manage your finances better, and it will reward you with cash back when you use it for online purchases.

One of the biggest parts of Citi's Citi Costco card benefit is the reduced penalties and annual fees. The annual fee may seem a bit scary, but this will all be eliminated when you pay your balance in full every month. Plus, you'll never be hit with over the limit fees again. This eliminates the need to keep adding money to your card, which can be very frustrating. And once you get this reduced penalty and annual fee eliminated, you can then enjoy this amazing credit card benefit. You can use your CITI card to make everything you want.

CITI Costco card also gives you travel insurance. So, if you travel a lot, this card benefit will make it much easier on you. Instead of being worried about baggage fees, theft, and getting your bags stolen, this insurance will protect you. Travel insurance is a great credit card benefit that you can count on. And, this particular benefit is provided free with CITI.

There are a few other perks available with this card. If you plan on taking advantage of the rewards, be sure to check out the fine print. Most CITI Costco cards will provide you with an annual airline membership. This means you'll have discounted rates on all of the airline tickets you'd like to take advantage of.

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