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3 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Mastercard Logo | mastercard logo

Mastercard has long been a household brand, but is losing that status. Mastercard has long been synonymous with safe travel and idyllic card transactions. But recently, its consumer services division has seen a series of customer dissatisfaction and loss of profit. This comes as no surprise to a company that spent decades bundling card transactions and marketing them as the carrier of choice for all cardholders. Mastercard has long been losing the trust of many cardholders. The brand is dropping the “masters” from its name and replacing it with an “emblem,” a plastic identification card you can carry around in your pocket or wear on a keychain.

Mastercard announced late last year that it was eliminating the word “master” from its brand identity. The company cited market research indicating that consumers were becoming more attuned to the concept of Mastercard instead of relying on the old-school term. The company further said that 80 percent of all consumers identify the Mastercard logo, even when the brand name is not present.

With such widespread brand distrust, it is not surprising that a high-quality logo solution is needed. In addition, there is also a need for consistency and a consistent look and feel across the brand's various offerings. So what is a company to do? How do they regain the trust of their customer base and, in doing so, build a solid revenue stream?

The answer, thankfully, is to design a new Mastercard logo. This brand renewal strategy is just the latest example of how well-designed logos can reinforce a brand and create a lucrative licensing portfolio. Just as importantly, renewing a logo helps maintain the integrity of the company name. It allows for new revenue streams to be developed and maintained as well.

A new Mastercard logo provides a fresh opportunity to reinforce the corporate identity while simultaneously expanding upon the existing range of products and services. As previously stated, Mastercard consistently serves a valuable target market. That said, the company has struggled in recent years to distinguish itself from other card brands. Their current logo, while iconic, has not been able to create the kind of impact that might have been achieved with a different design. This begs the question: what can a savvy entrepreneur do to enhance the strength of their brand?

For starters, a savvy businessperson can research the possibility of creating a logo from scratch. Though this requires advanced knowledge of digital design programs and graphic software, those with this level of expertise have the ability to quickly identify visual similarities and discrepancies between their brand and that of another brand. If these visual elements are too similar, for instance, the difference can be enough to cause confusion within the customer base.

A second method would be to approach a graphic designer with a specific logo concept in mind. This individual may have already created several logos that he or she can offer to a client. If this is the case, the client can request that the designer rework the logo in order to provide a feel that is uniquely his or hers. In this scenario, it is unlikely that the two logos will need to be the same size, height, and shape. The redesign should be focused on conveying the message in a unique way.

Finally, a third option is to purchase a new Mastercard logo. Though this may represent the most expensive option, it represents a huge leap forward in establishing a new identity for your business. By investing in a new logo, you are essentially leapfilling a space where a successful branding effort previously had no place. By adding a fresh new perspective to the way that customers think about your product, you will be ensuring that your branding efforts are successful.

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