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The 4 Reasons Tourists Love Suntrust Debit Card | suntrust debit card

With the economy's current recession, many people are finding it difficult to pay for their daily expenses. There are many credit cards out there that will help you build credit, and this can be useful for those who are trying to rebuild a good credit rating. The Suntrust Dividend Card from Bank of America is one of the credit cards that offers this feature. This article will discuss what this card has to offer and how it helps you build credit.

One of the first things that you need to know about credit cards is that they all offer different incentives. You will notice that each credit card offers different items such as cash back, air miles, and etc. There are many different advantages to having a credit card, but the main advantage is that you can spend more money on making purchases. You do not have to pay cash anymore; you only pay with your debit card, which you can then spend on whatever you wish.

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If you are worried that this might hurt your credit score, this is completely unfounded. Most people only worry about their credit score when they are trying to apply for a loan. When you use your debit card to make your purchases, the credit company does not know that you made these purchases. They do not track or report anything because the only transactions that are reported to them are the ones with your signature such as filling out a form or buying a product. Because you are authorized to spend money as you please, this will not affect your credit score in any way whatsoever.

The best part about having a Suntrust Dividend Card is that you are not tied to any bank. You can use this any time you want to; even if you currently have no credit or bad credit you can still use this to build your credit. Once you start using this card regularly you will find that it is easier to make payments and you will be able to pay more money back to the bank. It is actually a smart idea to have a second credit card like this so that you never have to worry about going into debt again.

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One of the best things about the Suntrust Dividend Card is that you are able to pay a fixed rate every month. With all the credit cards you have to make minimum payments that never go down. Even if you miss a payment the interest rates are high and this can be devastating if you are working to pay off your debt. However, with this debit card you will know exactly how much to charge your account and you do not have to worry about this at all.

The one negative thing about the Suntrust Dividend Card is that it cannot be used to make purchases online. The reason for this is because this is a secured credit card. This means that you will need to go through an additional processing step before you will be allowed to make any online purchases. This process can take several days, so you will need to be patient while this is going through. If you plan on doing most of your online shopping then this could be okay to wait through but for people who do a lot of traveling this could become inconvenient.

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Another negative about the Suntrust Dividend Card is that they only allow you to make a certain amount. They do not make any other type of purchases with this card such as gas, groceries or any of the many different services that you would be able to make with a credit card. You will need to make sure to use this card in a proper manner in order to make sure you do not go over your limit. You should make a habit of using this card and making all of your monthly payments on time in order to avoid paying any fees and interest and in the long run you will be able to save yourself money by being more responsible with your finances.

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Overall the Suntrust Dividend Card is a great credit card for you to get. You will be able to make any online purchase that you would with a credit card and you will also be able to use it for debit card purchases. You will be able to avoid any fees that are associated with this card and you will be able to use it in a more responsible manner.

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