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Fake Mastercard Details

Have you ever heard of a so-called fake MasterCard? There are many ways in which people try to use them for various reasons. The most common is the creation of a new identity, the use of information provided by another person to set up a new bank account (sometimes using a stolen social security number), or the use of the information to access credit cards offered by companies that do not offer adequate protection or services. Here's how you can protect yourself:

Protect your Social Security Number. All Americans over 18 must have a SSN. This number is issued by the US government and contains their personal information. Don't give out this number without reason. When giving out details, make sure they match your own.

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Protect your Social Security Number from being used for identity theft. Do not sign up for any type of account with your Social Security number. It is extremely important that you don't disclose this information online. The issue with banks is that they will ask for it and then check with you if you truly have it. The best way is to never answer such questions, and then wait for a verified MasterCard or Visa account.

Protect your phone number and address. If someone calls you posing as a MasterCard representative, tell them you don't actually use MasterCard. Call the bank yourself and ask them to please give you the relevant information. Banks that use MasterCard will not allow you to open an account using your phone number. The same goes with faxing your telephone number.

Never respond to an unsolicited email that asks for your credit card information. You should not respond to unsolicited emails that ask for personal details over the phone or by fax. These emails may be phishing attempts. If you suspect that a credit card fraudster is sending you these emails, call your bank immediately.

Avoid giving your phone number and social security number out over the phone. If you are calling someone offering them a loan or some other service, make sure you divulge only your bank and social security number. This can help you prevent telemarketers from getting your personal details. Also, never publish your telephone number on any website without your authorization first.

Be careful about who you share your bank details too. Only hand your bank details to those people whom you trust completely. They should never be your friends. If a friend needs your bank details, simply refuse to give it to him or her.

If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, report the matter to the bank immediately. Bank staff can investigate the matter and help you report the fraud. The earlier you deal with the matter, the better.

To protect yourself from scams, avoid giving out your phone number and social security number over the phone. This can lead to unwanted calls from dubious people. Similarly, do not answer those emails you receive that seem to be sent by a bank. They might look legitimate but could be scams.

Only provide your bank details to those people you know. Don't share your PIN to anyone. Banks will not contact you through email or phone. Moreover, always check that your bank details are correct before giving them to someone else. It would be better if you did not answer a phone call or an email from someone you don't know.

Another way of protecting yourself is to keep your balance low. If you have a lot of transactions in a month, chances are that a scammer might contact you. Make sure you don't overdo your spending. If you find yourself tempted to buy something that you don't really need, just do it once and you will be fine.

Finally, if you want to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud, you should check all the details online. Go to different websites and request for a copy of your MasterCard details. Read the terms and conditions before you fill in your personal information. Read the terms and conditions online thoroughly. If you find any suspicious information, contact the bank immediately. In most cases, the bank will contact you and get your money back.

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