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Visa Card Number

A credit card number, credit account number, Visa card number or just a number, is basically the cardholder's card identifier, usually found on credit cards, debit cards and secured credit cards. In some cases the cardholder's card number also is called a master card number. This number is usually issued by the issuing bank and is usually unique from all other cards in the same series. It does not belong to any one person and is used only for the particular cardholder.

The information on a credit card's number usually includes the following: the first six digits of the cardholder's name; the two upper numbers consisting of numbers 1 to nine; the account number which is either a multiple of seven or a single digit number; and an alpha-numeric combination. The meaning of each of these digits is as follows: First, the first number represents the month and year in which the card was issued; second, the second number stands for the date of issue, whether a current one or an expired one; the third number stands for the expiration date; the fourth number stands for the holder's name; and the last number stands for the security code. Numbers in the second through fifth position are usually used for the magnetic stripes of the cards.

How will I get the last six digit number of a debit card ...
How will I get the last six digit number of a debit card ... (Mittie Murphy)

The number on the front of the card is usually the most commonly used number for security purposes. The reason being is that this number does not belong to any one person and is used solely for security purposes. However, you should be very careful with handling your Visa card information. It is important to remember that this information is not private nor confidential. The use of your Visa card, even though you already have an account with the financial institution from which you obtained your card, may be accessed and used by other financial institutions and companies without your knowledge or consent. Your information, along with that of every other account holder, will be stored in their respective systems for future use.

The numbers on the back of the credit card play a different role. They are used for programming purposes, for accessing your account, and for billing purposes. Having a number on the back of your card which cannot be accessed for security reasons and which may be used for illegal activities is like leaving all your cash in the hands of the thief.

There are some precautions you need to take when dealing with Visa cards having a back security number. For starters, these cards come with assigned PIN numbers which are intended only for authorized use. Your PIN for security purposes is based on your social security number, your name, your address and your credit card type. Your PIN is usually printed inside the plastic portion of the card. When the time comes for you to use it, you have to write it down or memorize it before using it. You also have to be very careful with your Visa cards that do not have chips and pin codes.

These types of cards have number sequences which cannot be duplicated. In order to increase security, the manufacturer of the card uses an algorithm to generate a unique four-digit code. The manufacturer also uses a “hint” number that cannot be used by another person to crack the code. This means that even if your spouse's or child's card is stolen, it cannot be used by anyone else. Only you and the person who have the number will know what has been done.

There are some older cards that use only alphanumeric characters as PINs. For these cards, there is another option for adding a PIN to the front side of the card. Some cards have a section where you can put a short message, which describes what you want to buy later, under the PIN section.

This process works for all kinds of Visa cards. If you have a business that accepts international credit card transactions, make sure to check whether the company offers any way to add a Visa card with a chip and pin to your company's card processing system. It may be an option that can make international payments simpler and safer.

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