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A Real Credit Card Number

A lot of fraudsters are trying to use a free check digit service to extract a credit card number from a simple, unsuspecting website. They then put this information into their database, which enables them to make sales over the Internet. This is a well known scam known as a “spider”. If you have ever received a call from a telemarketer that didn't want to disclose that they were calling from a “reputable” company, you probably saw the number on caller IDs.

A “reputable” company will never use anything but a secure check digit to apply for a credit card number. If they do, and I have personally seen this happen, I would immediately call them back and politely ask them to stop using the check digit. Never apply for credit or debit cards from them. Never give them your last digit, your social security number, or your date of birth. These are not only signs of a fake service, but also of a fraudulent company.

Fake Visa Credit Card Numbers And Cvv That Work ...
Fake Visa Credit Card Numbers And Cvv That Work ... (Laura Hart)

A legitimate company will have a verification code on their website that you can enter in to validate their application. When you try to apply, if they cannot verify your date of birth or social security number, they will send you to a phone call or text you asking for your validation code. When you give them the code, they will either run a check against a database of legitimate companies, or redirect you to a page where you can enter your own security code, or they will tell you to contact them by mail. (I've seen this happen.) In most cases, if you attempt to apply for a credit card, and the site you're using does not verify the number before sending it to the bureaus, you will get an error message, and your application will be denied.

There are a couple ways that these so-called “free” or “low risk” sites actually work. The first is that they run a check digit check against each of the credit card numbers you provide, to see whether you meet their definition of a qualified applicant. If they find the same number in your record two times, they will match it. This is how they find out if you're a real person, and not bots generating credit card numbers with a luhn algorithm.

They may not do this, though; some low-cost services that claim to do this won't even check the accuracy of the numbers generated for you, let alone verify that they actually match. (I've seen these sites in use, and I've also run one on a test computer that claims to generate a random number based on a random number generator – the result was a series of zeroes.) These types of fake credit cards look very realistic, and are almost certainly a scam.

A better solution is to use a service that generates numbers from a mathematical series, and checks them for accuracy. These services gather the public's credit card numbers, then use a gun algorithm to randomly generate a set of numbers. They then compare these numbers to the originally generated ones to determine if the sets of numbers generated are close enough in frequency to match. This is a remarkably accurate method, and you can be sure that you're dealing with real people who have legitimate credit cards.

To validate a card number, the major industry identifier (the one you see on the back of most credit cards) is needed. You could either visit the company's website or call their customer service phone number. Either way, the caller should be able to identify the credit number that you want to validate. A legitimate company should offer a toll-free number where a trained agent can validate any card number. This agent should be able to answer any questions that you might have about their services. Don't sign anything before you verify it.

After the company verifies the cardholder identification number, it's time to go shopping! Buy stuff! It's actually pretty simple. If you don't buy stuff online, then you won't be able to buy stuff from these companies, and you might just wind up wasting your time. So, by using a credit card to make a purchase online, you'll avoid all those middle men, and you'll also avoid wasting time.

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